What to Expect

Paws Fur Massage is a mobile canine massage service, and will come to your home. In order for your dog to enjoy the maximum benefits of a massage, they must feel safe and comfortable. On our first visit Paws Fur Massage gathers as much information as possible about your dog, your concerns, and the goals for your dog. One of the goals of the first visit is for all of us to get to know each other and establish trust and rapport.

You will be asked to sign a Consent to Treatment form and a waiver of liability, indicating you understand that the services provided by Paws Fur Massage do not constitute nor are a substitute for veterinary care. You will also confirm that your dog’s vaccinations are fully up to date.

On this first visit, Paws Fur Massage will conduct an assessment including, among other things, documenting your dog’s social and health history, diet, exercise, gait, temperament, presenting problems and goals. PFM will also check for contraindications (reasons not to massage) including for example whether or not a fever is present, your dog is on antibiotics for infection or it is less than six weeks post-surgery. With your dog’s permission, we will conduct an initial full massage; during which we check range of motion and identify areas that are swollen, hot or cold, knotted, lumpy, bruised and scarred. We will also check for open sores and blisters.

Massaging a dog is very different from massaging a human being!

We massage your dog in the place they are the most comfortable. We provide a massage table or mat, but not all dogs want to lie on it. Some prefer their bed, shared couch or even your bed! The ideal spot is one where the dog can relax, away from other pets and distractions.

Rarely will a dog lie still for the duration of the massage, and may get up and wander around, stretch, drink water and/or change positions more than once. Paws Fur Massage works with the rhythm and permission of your dog. Some massages may last 15 minutes, while others may last 40 minutes. The more your dog becomes accustomed to massage, the more they will settle down and enjoy the full benefits of the massage.

You may sit with us during the massage and quietly observe. Some dogs relax easier if their owners are IN the room, and other relax when their owners are OUT of the room. The goal is to ensure your dog receives maximum massage benefits, and your attendance is something that is discussed during the formulation of the massage plan.

Massages are best done at least 30 minutes after your dog has eaten, after exercise and after elimination. When the massage is finished, your dog will likely need a drink of water and access to the outside to eliminate the toxins the massage has flushed out.

It may take some time for your dog to show benefits from PetMassage; most dogs require more than one session. Dogs can have as many as 3 sessions a week, or as infrequent as once every couple of months, depending on need and resources; just as humans. If you are unsure, your Paws Fur Massage practitioner can recommend a frequency regiment.