What is Dog Massage?

Benefits of PetMassage™ for Dogs

Everyone who shares their life with a dog knows the joy and pleasure of touching, petting, scratching and especially massaging their pet. PetMassage™ is a system of canine massage that incorporates many of the techniques used by professional massage therapists, animal trainers and handlers, and animal behaviorists.

Competition dogs, such as agility and flyball athletes have been getting canine massage for years to keep in prime condition. Marathon runners know the value of warm up and cool-down massage for themselves. They now consider the needs of their canine running partners, making sure that their dogs also stretch and warm up their muscles with massage.

More and more veterinarians are including massage as part of rehabilitation programs. PetMassage™ is not “alternative” therapy. PetMassage™ is “complementary,” and integrates readily with all forms of canine healthcare.

~ Enhances bonding in newly adopted dogs
~ Increases circulation
~ Increases flexibility
~ Develops and maintains muscles tone
~ Helps relieve the effects of stiffness and joint discomfort
~ Helps dogs rehabilitate after surgeries and other traumas
~ Helps dogs and their owners with end of life care, “Transitions”

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