Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is PetMassage a replacement for Physical Therapy or other Veterinary care?

A: No! PetMassage works with other forms of therapy, but does not replace it.


Q: I massage my dog at home, what do you do differently?

A: I am trained in PetMassage techniques that are significantly more focused than standard rubbing. Is getting a massage from your spouse, significant other or friend the same as getting a professional massage? Not generally, it’s the same for your canine companion.


Q: Will my pet insurance cover this?

A: No


Q: Do you accept CareCredit?

A: No


Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: Cash, Credit and PayPal


Q: Is proof of vaccines required?

A: Yes, for my safety I will need proof of rabies vaccination.


Q: If my dog has a wound, can they still receive a massage?

A: Yes! I will perform the massage as normal and just avoid the wound sight.


Q: If my dog is receiving chemotherapy, can they still receive a massage?

A: YES! The American Cancer Society has shown that massage (for humans) is beneficial in symptom management.


Q: Can cats get a massage?

A: Cats don’t often respond well to being touched by a stranger, nor will they sit still for the time required. Though every cat benefits from touch and the bond is strengthened with their human when they permit you to stroke them.